Co-op / Interns

For student jobseekers internships/co-ops rank as one of the best ways to improve your knowledge through a hands-on experience in a field related to your studies. These programs offer an excellent way to gain practical experience that boosts your resume, explore/solidify career options, build professional connections, and enhances workplace readiness and cultivates professional growth!

Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university or be a recent graduate. Recent graduate means the student must have completed his/her degree within the past 12 months. An internship allows students to enhance their career development as they explore interests and work experiences related to their field of study and demonstrate skills in a professional work setting. Internships are typically completed in the summer and are one term. 

“The most beautiful part of working at GTP is everyone coming together to get the job done on every level. As soon as I arrived here, I was thrown right into the giant team which is GTP.” Alan Welch, Refractory Chemicals

"Working at GTP was a great experience for me to get a better understanding of how the world works outside of school, and I believe I am more prepared for the workforce because of this experience. Thank GTP." Josh Askey, TCP

“The employees are very helpful and friendly and provide great special sessions for interns!” Aaron Burlew, RCP

"I enjoy the good working atmosphere here at GTP – all the colleagues are competent and eager to share their knowledge.” Christian Garber, Purchasing