GMT within the Plansee Group

Delegates at the first General Management Training engage in discussion. 

General Management Training

If you’re inquisitive, self-questioning, have a strong intercultural understanding and enjoy engaging in constructive dialogue, then you have all the ingredients for our General Management Training (GMT).

Pivotal to the long-term success of the Plansee Group is the ability of our employees to implement change effectively. As an integral part of the Plansee Global Management Development Program, the GMT prepares participants for the management challenges of the future. On the programme, the delegates

  • learn how to think and act entrepreneurially on the international stage

  • become familiar with successful innovation management and the very latest business theory

  • learn how to formulate and implement goal-orientated business strategies

  • learn how to develop the skills needed to foster long-term change management in a company

  • become familiar with intercultural issues and international management practice

  • are trained to be professional business managers

  • are provided with the tools needed to motivate and lead from the front

  • are given instruction on how to deal with conflict professionally

  • have the chance to forge contacts, expand their professional network and share expertise within the Group

  • learn more about the Plansee corporate philosophy, business ethics and corporate responsibility

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