Culture / Diversity

At GTP we believe that the benefits of a diverse workforce are immeasurable. We are committed to recruiting, developing and advancing ethnically diverse professionals though our ranks and into leadership positions. The distinct backgrounds and experiences of a diverse workforce allow GTP to grow in all aspects of our business.

Having a diverse workforce is critical to our business. We view diversity in broad terms and seek to build a workforce that brings together people from all ages, experiences, backgrounds, ethnic groups, races and lifestyles. Encouraging a broad range of opinions, ideas and perspectives helps GTP drive innovation across the company.

GTP is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce.  This is more than a tag line; it is part of our culture, not because it’s required but because it gives us a competitive advantage.

We highly value our people and encourage their development. By celebrating diversity and rewarding hard work, GTP has created an environment that enables growth and success. Meet some of the valuable GTP members at Our Story